What is it?

Construction Meetup is an exclusive meetings and collaboration event bringing together the entire construction industry. Connect with both new and established contacts in a friendly and relaxed environment to share best practice, identify solutions for meeting the industry’s toughest challenges and unearth some of the most innovative and impressive tech-led solution providers on the market.

Construction News has identified a unique opportunity to come together, share ideas and explore innovative and tech-led products and services that will help the entire industry overcome challenges such meeting net zero carbon targets, improving health and safety onsite, driving productivity and adopting smarter and more modern methods of construction.  All this is set against a challenging backdrop of material shortages, attracting the next generation of talent and skills and rising inflation. It can be tough out there!

How does it work?

Matching clients, contractors and subcontractors with selected solution providers allows the most innovative products and services to be showcased and introduced via 15-minute in-person meetings and our exclusive solution provider showcase. In addition, the meetup will allow plenty of time for you to arrange additional meetings with your peers, take part in lively table talks and learn from thought-provoking presentations and debates.


Register, complete your profile, share availability


Review buyers/suppliers, create wishlists, book peer to peer roundtable and review solution providers table talks


Accept meeting requests, start networking


Meetup, participate in peer to peer roundtables, hold meetings and hear from innovative solution providers


Continue the conversation

Construction Meetup takes place on 14 July 2022 13:00 – 17:00. You can choose the slots you’re available during these times to join about 4 hours of meetings, participate in table talks and attend our solution provider showcase.

Why Construction Meetup?

We’ve consulted with top tier clients, contractors and subcontractors including supply chain leaders, procurement directors and construction directors to gauge appetite and help develop our first Construction Meetup providing the perfect platform to:

  • Source new clients and identify innovative supply chain partners
  • Participate in peer-to-peer discussions and solution provider table talks
  • Access issue led content and learning

Covid-19 and Brexit has had a huge effect on the construction industry with unprecedented impacts on supply and demand.  It has also forced both buyers and suppliers to look at different ways to communicate and do business, leading to a rise in both physical and online meeting events and the launch of this year’s Construction Meetup.

Here's what you'll get to do

Construction Meetup is an effective and efficient way to connect, meet, collaborate and foster long term business relationships.  This event is packed with exciting features and plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Register early to secure your place.

Meeting booth

Minimum of 5 x15 minute meetings

Keynote speakers for inspirational learning

Office hours to access leading experts

Solution provider Showcase

 Peer to Peer table talks

Why meetup?

Construction leaders like you, are always looking for new and innovative ways to meet some of the industry’s biggest challenges and the past couple of years has shown the benefit of collaboration and coming together as a community. Our Construction Meetup builds upon this momentum.

Whether you want to be inspired by your peers or meet companies offering specific solutions and tech-led products and services, the Construction Meetup is for you.

Take part in this event to:

  • Join peer-to-peer group conversations discussing and sharing insight into current construction challenges and the latest tech and innovation
  • Hold a minimum of 5 x 15 minute meetups with plenty of opportunity to book additional time with clients, suppliers, and peers alike
  • Meet new and innovative tech-led suppliers and identify workable solutions and services that make a difference
  • Gain access to content sessions within office hours to connect with industry experts
  • Touch base with current and future clients, suppliers and thought leaders

Taking part

Construction Meetup is an exclusive, 1 to 1 meetings and collaboration event bringing together the entire construction industry. Aimed at clients, contractors, subcontractors and their supply chain partners, this event provides the ultimate opportunity to make valuable business connections whilst coming together to tackle some of the industry’s most pressing issues.

Who can take part?

  1. Construction clients, contractors and subcontractors plus consultants and architects

Construction Meetup is open to anyone with decision making power or influence across a wide range of job titles at leading organisations from clients through to subcontractors.  Each attendee must play a valuable part in procuring products and/or services (direct or indirect).  

  1. Construction solution providers

Construction Meetup is open to all supply chain partners who provide solutions or services to subcontractors, contractors or even top tier clients. For more information on how to participate, please visit the SOLUTION PROVIDERS page on our website or contact Wendy Miller on 020 3953 2959 or  wendy.miller@emap.com.

Qualifying attendees

Qualifying attendees can join the event for free when committing to the hosted programme including a minimum of 5 x 15 minute meetups.

Register today to secure your place for Thursday 14 July 2022.

Job function

Company type

A more targeted and efficient approach to meetings

Your time is more precious than ever, so join us face to face for an efficient approach to meeting innovative, tech-led and competitive supply chain partners.

Based on your wish lists and preferences, we will match you with solution providers who similarly express an interest in meeting you!

Once these matches are confirmed, you will have the opportunity to open your diary for peer-to-peer networking, discussions and additional solution provider meetups.

Tickets are now available for this event, register early to secure your place.

Who should attend?

✔ Architect

✔ Commercial Director/ Manager

✔ Construction Director/ Manager

✔ Director (Area/ Managing/ Regional)

✔ Engineer

✔ Estimator

✔ Founder/ Partner

✔ Supply Chain Manager/ Director/ Head of

✔ Procurement Manager/ Director/ Head of

✔ Operations Director/ Manger

✔ Project Director/ Manager

✔ Quantity Surveyor

Are you a solution provider looking to get involved?

Construction Meetup is open to all supply chain partners who provide solutions or services to subcontractors, contractors or even top tier clients.

For more information on how to participate, please visit the SOLUTION PROVIDER page on our website or contact Wendy Miller on 020 3953 2959 or by email wendy.miller@emap.com.