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Phil Sedge

Head of Facades

Hi I am Phil Sedge, I am Head of Facades across the Mace Group but now have another role within the business, helping on Innovation. As Head of Facades I am involved in setting the policies, procedures and strategies relating to facades working with my extensive team through tender stage to complete project delivery. In addition to this role, I now help our Tax team on our R&D capture, this involves communicating innovation across our businesses and capturing our R&D and sharing this knowledge around the business.

Our Innovation fund is a separate fund set aside by the board enabling any of our colleagues to put forward an innovation thought or idea. We would like these to match our three main priorities of Construction to Production (MMC), Carbon or Digital. Our personnel fill out a simple form capturing their idea and submit on our online platform. These ideas are then vetted by our leads of C2P, Carbon and Digital and if believed to be viable the participant is rewarded accordingly. The innovation will then be developed through our technical readiness levels and if the participant who submitted the idea wants to carry on being involved and really contributes, they will be rewarded as the Innovation works through the different gateways.

The incentive was really to try and change the dial on our three main priorities and see how we can add extra value back into our business and for our clients. The programme is still in its infancy but in the first session 64 ideas were sent through with 11 making it through to the next stage. We believe this number will only increase as we the model evolves.

At Construction Meetup I’d like to see if delegates have any thoughts on C2P and Carbon innovation ideas.

I am looking forward to meeting you on the 13th July to discuss in more detail.


David Mosey

KCL Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution